At LifePointe Hospice and Home Health, our focus is on Living.  We are passionate about caring and giving 100% to our patients and families at any pointe in the life cycle.  Our professional staff has provided Hospice and Home Health Services to residents of Harris and surrounding counties for more than 15 years.  Our philosophy is “what our organization does should be a passion and not just our job.”  We will go above and beyond to give our patients their best life in every way possible.

Supporting Life – Hospice is a special way of caring for individuals who are at a point in life when they may be faced with a life limiting illness.  The goal of Hospice is patient comfort both physically and emotionally.  Hospice strives to provide gentle, loving, professional, personable and compassionate care to patients and their families.  This approach enhances the quality of life.

What makes LifePointe Hospice unique?  We accommodate our patients by allowing the patients’ needs and expectations to determine the Plan of Care.  LifePointe makes it a priority to connect with the patients and families that choose LifePointe as their Hospice Provider.

The Hospice Team – Hospice brings a team of trained professionals to the patient’s place of residence.  The team includes physicians, registered nurses, social workers, spiritual/bereavement counselors and home health aides.  We also provide other services and programs: pharmacy, medical equipment, volunteer services, music, art, aroma therapy, pet and massage therapy.

Who pays for hospice?  Hospice care is covered 100% to qualified Medicare and Medicaid participants with a qualifying diagnosis, including Alzheimer’s, Cardiac, Renal, Liver and other diseases.  Most private insurances cover Hospice Care.

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